Register for WaterSmart, a FREE online portal for all customers to help track and manage your water use.

Regístrese para WaterSmart, un portal en línea GRATUITO para ayudar a rastrear y administrar el uso del agua.

WaterSmart es disponible en español. Elija el idioma español en su configuración de WaterSmart.

WaterSmart Can Help You:
  • Find easy and effective tips to save water with step-by-step advice.
  • Learn how your water use compares to similar Milpitas households.
  • Find and fix possible leaks with automated notifications and email alerts.
  • Track your water use over time to see how you’ve become more efficient.
  • Understand where and when you are using the most water.
  • Step One: Log on Milpitas.WaterSmart.Com
  • Step Two: Register your account number listed on your water bill.
    • Your account number is 7 digits, starting with 20
  • Step Three: Personalize your information


Where does the data for my water use come from?

Your water usage data comes from your new smart water meter and your water utility account. All publicly available information, like weather data, is added by WaterSmart.

Who am I compared to?

For residential accounts, your home is compared to other Milpitas households that have the same number of occupants and a similarly-sized yard. You can edit your Household profile to provide information about your household size, water-using appliances, landscaping and activities. Find the household profile link under the Take Action tab.

For commercial and multi-family accounts, your business’ water usage is compared to your accounts’ historical water usage.

What is GPD

Water use is presented in the number of gallons per day (GPD), per day because it’s typically the easiest unit for people to envision and provides the best metric for comparison. On your water bill, you will water consumption is shown in CCF (equal to 748 gallons).

Do you have questions about WaterSmart or need assistance registering? Email or call 408-586-2666 for help.