Rebates & Free Programs

The City of Milpitas and Valley Water are offering resources and rebate programs to help residents and businesses save water.




Now $4 per sq. ft. for residential landscape conversions until funds run out! Convert your lawn into a healthy habitat with native and drought-tolerant plants!

Apply to participate in Valley Water’s Landscape Conversion Rebate.




Did you know that you can use rainwater that drains from your roof in your garden? Apply today to participate in Valley Water’s Rainwater Capture Rebates.

Rain Barrel


Rain Garden

Up to $70

$1 per Gallon

$2 per sq ft of Roof Area

The amounts listed are for residential properties. For commercial and large multi-family rebates please visit




Use rinse water from your clothes washer directly to your landscape. It’s a cost-effective, sustainable option to upgrade how you irrigate your landscape.

Apply for a rebate of up to $400.



Our City Forest will provide eligible homeowners consultation and planting services at a minimal cost. Lawn Bust Milpitas is open to all Milpitas homeowners on a first-come, first-served basis with a limited number of spaces available. Learn more and apply here.

For all rebates, application submittal and approval is required before purchasing any equipment or starting any work. ACT NOW before funds run out!

For my Home:

Valley Water's Shopping Cart - Order Water-Saving Devices for Free

Valley Water offers free water conservation devices that can help you save water. Visit to order your free gear* and literature today!

Free Water Conservation Kits

Request to pick up a Water Conservation Kit from the Milpitas Public Works Office. These kits include free low flow shower heads, faucet aerators, and a hose shut-off nozzle. Email or call the water conservation hotline 408-586-2666 to schedule.

DIY Water Wise Indoor Survey Program

Complete Valley Water’s Water Wise Indoor Survey Kit to evaluate your indoor water use. Kits include a step-by-step guide to evaluating your own water use, including:
• Meter leak test
• Toilet leak test
• Sink/Shower flow rates
• General indoor leak information

You can complete the DIY Water Wise Indoor Survey Kit either:

• Online: Use the kit’s online guide for immediate help.

• By mail: To get dye tablets to test toilets for leaks and a simple flow-rate device for testing shower and sink flow rates along with a physical copy of the step-by-step guide, visit Valley Water’s online shopping cart!

Click here to watch videos that demonstrate how to do the self-guided indoor water use evaluation.

High Efficiency Toilet Information

Need assistance choosing and replacing a new high efficiency toilet for your home, business, or school? Click here for more information.

Water Wise Outdoor Survey

Help to conserve water use outdoors by consulting an irrigation specialist!

During this free outdoor irrigation survey offered to single family and small multi-family sites (under ½ acre) in Santa Clara County, a trained irrigation professional will complete a comprehensive evaluation of your irrigator system. During the survey, the technician will:
• Evaluate the efficiency of your irrigation system, noting and flagging problems
• Provide you with a personalized irrigation schedule, if appropriate
• Make recommendations for repairs, replacements, and upgrades
• Send you a detailed written report after the survey is complete
• Pre-inspect the site for the Landscape Rebate Program, if applicable

This is a great time to evaluate your irrigation system and make changes before you turn the system back on this spring. On average, about half of the water used on residential sites goes to the landscape, so having your irrigation system in top shape can help you reduce your water use drastically. The site must have at least one valve operated irrigation zone in order to sign up. Homes that only use a hose or portable sprinkler to irrigate the landscape will not be eligible.

To schedule an inspection, please call the Valley Water conservation hotline at (408) 630-2554 or click here.

San Jose Water Company customers should request a Water Audit by calling (408) 279-7900.

Irrigation Equipment Upgrade Rebate Program

The Irrigation Equipment Upgrade Rebate Program provides rebates for  upgrading to high efficiency irrigation equipment including:

  • Drip Irrigation
  • High Efficiency Nozzles
  • Rotary Sprinklers with Pressure Regulation and/or Check Valves
  • Weather Based Irrigation Controllers
  • Rain Sensors
  • Dedicated Landscape Meters, Flow Sensors and Hydrometers

To find out how to apply and update your irrigation equipment, click here.

Lawn Busters Program - For Low-Income Residents and Seniors

Lawn Busters provides subsidized on site-assessments, landscape design, planting and irrigation installation for qualifying homeowners (seniors over 60, low-income residents, veterans, residents with disabilites). Email lawnbuster@ourcityforest to apply.

For my Business:

Landscape Rebate Program for Commercial and Large Multi-Family Properties

The Landscape Rebate Program is comprised of landscape conversion, irrigation equipment upgrades, and rainwater harvesting rebates.

The Landscape Conversion Rebate Program provides $2 per sq. ft. for replacing turf with a drought-tolerant landscape using low water-use plants and permeable landscape materials.

The Irrigation Equipment Upgrade Rebate Program provides rebates for upgrading to high-efficiency irrigation equipment including:

  • Drip Irrigation
  • High-Efficiency Nozzles
  • Rotary Sprinklers with Pressure Regulation and/or Check Valves
  • Weather Based Irrigation Controllers
  • Rain Sensors
  • Dedicated Landscape Meters, Flow Sensors and Hydrometers

The Rainwater Harvesting Program provides rebates up to $35 for rain barrels, 0.50 per gallon for Cisterns, up to $300 for rain gardens

NEW! The Lawn to Mulch Rebate Program provides rebates of $1 per sq. ft. for removing water intensive ornamental lawns and replacing them with mulch. Sites must have at least 15,000 sq. ft. of irrigable lawn area to be eligible.


Submeter Rebate Program

Mobile home parks, home owner associations, apartment and condominium complexes in Santa Clara County can receive up to $150 per installed water submeter for changing from a master water meter to individual water submeters. For more information about this rebate program, please call (408) 630-2707 or apply here.

Water Efficient Technology (WET) Rebate Program

Commercial rebates are available for qualifying facilities in Santa Clara County that replace or update equipment which results in a measurable water reduction. The rebate is currently $4 per 100 cubic feet of water saved per year, or 50 percent of the project cost, whichever is less. For more information about this program, please call (408) 630-2707 or visit here.

Large Landscape Survey Program

All commercial, industrial and institutional (CII) sites as well as multi-family complexes in Santa Clara County with a minimum of ½ acre of irrigated landscape or more and/or 1,000 CCF of annual irrigation water usage may be eligible for a complimentary landscape field survey. To find out if your CII or multi-family sites are eligible, please visit here.

What are the components of a landscape field survey?

  • System Check
    A professional will evaluate the water delivery system and point out inefficiencies that can add up to significant water losses.
  • Site Specific Recommendations and Irrigation Budget
    Surveyors provide recommendations for improving system efficiency such as upgrading irrigation hardware and/or providing the site with a calculated irrigation budget based on climate, irrigation system components, and vegetation.
  • Landscape Field Survey Report
    The site’s property manager/owner will receive a landscape field survey report that evaluates the existing irrigation system and landscape water management. The report also includes a summary of the irrigation system check and irrigation efficiency improvement recommendations. A calculated irrigation budget may also be provided.

Apply for the Landscape Survey Program here.

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